mgrBars is an accounting and reporting system that offers a unique solution to multi-entity and group reporting.

Check in and data checks

  • mgrBars is able to import data from any ledger system, using its 'check-in' facility'.
  • mgrBars is compliant with property manager ledger systems, including Yardi.
  • Each ledger system's nominal codes are mapped to the mgrBars common structure.
  • Once imported the data is subject to validation checks.
  • Using mgrBars, intercompany account differences are easily identified and reconciled.


  • Reports are customised to the client’s particular requirements.
  • mgrBars gives reporting at a multi–entity or group level - most accounting packages only offer single entity reporting.
  • As mgrBars is web-based, all reports and dashboards are easily accessible using secure logins.
  • mgrBars reports have full drill down capability to individual transactions and even relevant scanned documents.
  • Reports can be exported to a variety of formats.
  • Group-wide analysis can be easily produced as all data is held in one database.