Key Controls

Our service has been designed to ensure good corporate governance and business best practice.

Segregation of duties - general
  • Reporting is independent of the asset manager.
  • Outputs can be reviewed by managers independent of their preparation, giving scope for greater verification and evaluation.
Segregation, supervision and review
  • All junior staff are supervised by more senior members of the team.
  • All outputs are subject to top level review by senior staff.
  • Checklists are used to faciltate the review process.
Validation after data import
  • Data is independently verified using checklists.
  • Checklists incorporate the validation of key accounts.
Supporting documents linked to any posting
  • mgrBars provides the facility to attach scanned images of all underlying documents to transactions, to provide a full audit and authorisation trail.
Comparison of accounts to models and KPI's
  • Actual results can be compared to budgets and KPI's on an on-going basis.
  • Budgets can be imported into mgrBars to provide actual to budget and variance analysis.
  • MGR Business Modelling can assist with the preparation of models for funds.
IT security and disaster recovery
  • All users must log into the mgrBars secure website in order to view reports.
  • Access rights can be restricted as required.
  • All data is replicated to an independant IT service provider for full back-up and access in the event of a disaster.