Comprehensive and reliable service

  • We take over your burden of financial reporting allowing you to focus on what you do best.
  • We will deliver to your time deadlines. We have a proven track record of delivering reporting that is timely, accurate and clearly presented.
  • Our service has been designed to ensure good corporate governance and business best practice.
  • Reporting is compliant with applicable accounting standards including IFRS.
  • Using mgrBars, our unique and innovative software, we will handle your complex group consolidations.

Cost savings

  • All entities can continue to use their existing accounting systems. No requirement for a substantial upfront investment in a common global ledger system.
  • Clients can maintain a lean in-house staffing policy without being concerned about staff turnover, recruitment and training.
  • Our costs are borne by the relevant fund, independent of the manager / administrator.
  • The production of schedules required by the auditors is automated, thereby reducing audit costs.

Quality of reporting

  • Customised and easy to understand reports.
  • Multi-entity reporting.
  • Easy access to all reports.
  • Full drilldown facility on all reports.
  • Easy group-wide analysis as all data held in one database.